Friday, October 05, 2007


I really don't have anything big to update, but feel guilty for not posting for awhile. By the way, where is everybody?

I can't believe it's October in Chicago, and we are consistently having 80 degree days. I just want autumn! We went to an orchard over Labor Day (it was near where we honeymooned in Michigan - now how many people can say, or are willing to admit, that their honeymoon destination was Michigan??) and bought 50 pounds of apples and 4 quarts of raspberries. If I had more room in the fridge I'd go back and get more!

In another case of being extreme, we went grocery shopping last weekend. Now when we go shopping, we tend to buy a lot since shopping in Hyde Park is practically non-existent and we try to buy enough non-perishables to last us for 2-3 months. So we went to the suburbs to an area that has Sam's Club, Walmart and Aldi. We took this trip enough times last year to know what items are generally cheapest at each place. We came home with the back of the minivan filled up to the bottom of the middle seats headrests. It probably took at least an hour to unpack the van, and then the rest of the afternoon putting everything away. And that is why we take this trip only every 2-3 months! I think I could open up a small store in our apartment.

The boys are in Lil' Kickers, which is a soccer class. Last week the kiddos were all sitting in a circle, and Coach Alex asked what game they'd like to play next. Elijah spoke up with his idea: Padada. Alex was confused - Pa-da-da? Yes, Padada. Then Anders echoed and said, "Elijah wants to play Padada." And then another boy said, "He wants to play Padada." Alex was still confused - how do you play Padada? Elijah explained the "rules" for Padada (it was suspiciously similar to other games they play), and then Alex nicely told him that maybe they could play another game instead. It was cute how the other kids acted like they knew the made-up game and were surprised Alex hadn't.

We visited the Shedd Aquarium yesterday, and the otters were not in their designated spot. Anders decided that they must've escaped and was certain that they were now in Lake Michigan.

I'm now working on creating photobooks for baby pictures. I'm still researching, so if any of you have bought these online and have had good or bad luck with a particular website (I'm looking mostly at Picaboo, My Publisher, PhotoWorks, and Shutterfly) I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Sars said...

There's nothing wrong with a honeymoon in Michigan -- mine was in Wisconsin.

I'm very jealous of the apples. I miss fall up north with all the apples and other fruits. It's still over 90 degrees here. Blech.