Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kelly's Christmas Update 2007

My Christmas too was very nice and relaxing. I stayed in my pajamas the entire day. Speaking of pajamas, guess what my mom bought us?I stayed in those pajamas even when my mom's friend Patty and her daughter Sarah came over. The fact that Sarah is one of my students seemed to not phase me at all. Do I have any shame? Or are those just really cute pajamas?

Besides the pajamas I got all sorts of other fun gifts. I got a nice new digital camera, DVDs (The Office seasons 1 & 2, Gilmore Girls season 7, Ocean's 13, Steel Magnolias), a jewelry box, and lots of little fun stuff.

My sister got me something I need like a hole in the head. But I don't think I can have too many of these.

Oh and I got one more thing-a kitchen sink. Literally. Thanks Mom!

The one unexpected gift came from my grandma. My sister got a check for $50. But I guess I'll be saving hundreds!

Rachel and I also enjoyed a gift her sister and brother in law got.

Guitar Hero is very fun and addictive. I think the kicks and dancing hurt my score but it made me look cooler. And guitar is all about looking cool, right?


Jo said...

Fabulous hair, dahling. Seriously. How'd you get it so shiny and straight? I got 4 inches chopped last week and I still have a LOT of hair. And I still don't know what to do with it.

kkyle said...

Dryer balls?! Awesome!