Sunday, March 09, 2008

Birthday Love

I was dreading my 31st birthday. Not because of the painful process of aging. No, instead I was dreading it because I was expecting an uncomfortable and unproductive visit to my OB. And indeed, that is what I got. But, thanks to all the birthday love I received from everyone the day was not entirely lost. I'd like to share a few of my favorite birthday wishes, although I must issue a Parental Advisory for the content.

On my voicemail (from spaghettipie, received while I was at the OB):

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
I guess you're getting an exam of your hoo-hoo,
Happy Birthday to you.

In my email (from cdub):

My birthday wish for you:
May no baby come forth today (unless you are miserably large)
So that you never have to share your birthday with another (unless you are selfless like me and do not mind.)

A birthday card (from Anna):

Pictured on the front are two friends having coffee.
Friend 1: Where's your birthday party going to be at?

Friend 2: Don't end your sentence with a preposition.

Inside the card:
Friend 1: Where's your birthday party going to be at, Bitch?

Overheard talking to herself at naptime (from Sophie):
"Today is Mommy's birthday.
Happy birthday, Mom."

And this one is not a birthday wish, but it was a gift in its own way.

Lying in bed with Mommy after hearing Daddy yell at the tv
(from Sophie, who gets in trouble for yelling):
"I need to go stop him. He's having a bad choice."
Yes, having a bad choice indeed. Tee hee.

It was a happy birthday after all.


Jo said...

Wait a second. No mention of what's happening in the morning? I'm going to be an aunt again! Can't wait to welcome baby Chloe.

Nice post, by the way. We had a good laugh.

spaghettipie said...

Glad it was happy and that I could be a part. See you tomorrow, mom-of-two-to-be!