Monday, March 10, 2008

From the Front Lines

This post is brought to you by Harris Methodist Hospital and their fantabulous wireless internet. How is it that women have been bringing new life into the world for thousands of years without it??

That's right, you all are getting a post straight from what will (eventually) be my delivery room. I feel a little bit like Pheobe on that episode of friends where she has the heart attack--typing away on my computer while awaiting one of the most significant events of my life. But hey, I've got to kill time somehow.

At this point I'm hooked up to varoius machines, which are serving to illustrate that nothing, I repeat, nothing, is happening in my uterus at the moment. When the doctor comes in, hopefully we can get this show on the road and convince Little Miss to come out, although she is proving to be a bit more stubborn than her sister was.

I'll post pictures (of the baby, not of the process) when I get them.


Jo said...

I keep refreshing this every 5 minutes hoping for more news but I'm guessing that blogging is not going to be your first priority once Chloe makes her appearance. Tell her Aunt Jo and Uncle Jon say hello and welcome!

cdub said...

hhoooooo hah! come on chloe, the world is waiting!

Andrew Clogg said...

I just heard you jumped from 5cm to 10cm in one hour! Wow, when Chloe makes up her mind, she really makes up her mind! Hang-in there Sarah - you're almost through!