Monday, March 31, 2008

Pickle Cake

So Anders asked for a blueberry cake for his birthday. What did Elijah ask for? A pickle cake. This morning I called up a local grocery store that offers custom cakes. The conversation:

Me: Do you make custom birthday cakes?
Baker: Yes we do. How do you want it decorated?
Me: Well, um, it's for my four year old and he wants a pickle birthday cake.

At least I made her day.

So here's my plan. I welcome ANY suggestions from you guys. Triple chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Mix white frosting with green food coloring and create a giant pickle. Then put some chocolate sprinkles on it. Do you think that sounds good?


kel said...

I think that sounds delicious! Be sure to take pictures!

Sars said...

The best I can offer is the ever-popular pickle-flavored snowcone. (Not kidding--I sold one every day at the stand last summer.)

Jo said...

The pickle snowcone sounds delicious. I don't really like pickles, but I like pickle juice. For instance, when I go to Steak-n-Shake, I don't eat the pickles they put on my plate, but I like it when my fries get soggy with pickle juice. I'm intrigued by the Pickle Sickle -