Monday, April 21, 2008

Bumping Jo's Post (The News) updated

Sorry for bumping the Memphis post down, but I guess it's time to share news from our family - baby #3 is on its way! I'll have my first ob appointment in a few weeks, but according to the online calendars, I'm due mid-December. Elijah has already nicknamed the baby - Oven. He is very excited about the baby. For Anders, though, if it doesn't have anything to do with legos, he's really not that interested. He's been really excited about starting kindergarten next year until this morning when he found out that they don't play with legos at school.

Our university hospital has many urban legends about the maternity area. So we decided to take a tour last weekend. I was pleased to see that the triage area that supposedly has laboring women circled around a room in beds (I was totally picturing the Friends episode with Monica in labor next to Janice), is really just a double hospital room. And it has wifi, so if I feel as adventurous as Sarah, I can blog while in the hospital (but don't count on it).

The hardest part about this pregnancy is I gained about five pounds the day I found out, and even though the baby is right now the size of a lentil, I am already in maternity clothes. And how can something that small make me so sick and so tired all the time? I've had more naps in the last couple of weeks than I've had in the last four years!

And a p.s. to an earlier post - I found two friends to go with me to see Death Cab for Cutie! It should be lots of fun - Millenium Park on the lawn. And yes, the tickets really are $10.


Jo said...

That is so so SO WONDERFUL!!!!!

As Sarah said, you're so sneaky with your comment on my post.

kel said...

Congrats!! Is it time for a girl? I'm happy to be bumped for such happy news!