Sunday, April 20, 2008

Walking In Memphis

Apparenly our blog doesn't have good timing. I've been told recently (and it has been referenced in another blog's comments) that we tend to have little eruptions of posts and then we go dormant for a while. We can't help it that the interesting things in our separate lives all seem to happen at the same time. So, while I hate to push Kelly's fantabulous new prom post out of the top spot, I do want to share some highlights of our trip to Memphis this weekend for Jon's cousin's wedding.


- an earthquake. This was actually Friday morning before we left - I slept through it but it woke Jon up. I did feel the aftershock though.

- apparently the gas pumps in Arkansas have not been upgraded with the automatic shut-off feature so we lost a little gas and polluted the environment. It coudn't be just a broken gas pump - we're totally blaming it on Arkansas.

- Jon (accidentally?) setting the bread basket on fire at the rehearsal dinner. Too bad we didn't get a picture but we were busy putting it out. The food at the rehearsal dinner was fan-tas-tic, though.

- the d.j. at the reception introducing a song by Michael Bubble. Who?

- eating yummy Ethiopian food at Abyssnia.

- eating Jon's favorite empanadas at On The Border.

- a hotel with complementary chocolate chip cookies, the most comfortable king-sized beds, and real cable.

- my first visit to Lambert's, home of the "throwed rolls."

- driving past Graceland - it wasn't what I expected. I always pictured it in a more rural setting. I also couldn't believe that people would pay $30-70 to walk through the house.

- the Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma Outlets. Good thing we were on a schedule - I didn't have time to do any damage. This trip at least.

- meeting the Memphis half of Jon's family. It was good to finally meet everyone and put faces to names and images to places. Everyone was super nice.

It's interesting that so many of these highlights focus on food...

The I sisters-in-law: Rachel, Johanna, Amie, and Shannon


Jamie said...

Glad you guys had a great time!
Your dress is beautiful!

Megan said...

How fun! Since there are complaints about all posting at the same time, I'll wait to share my news for a couple of days. I mean, I do still have 7 1/2 months to share it so I guess there isn't a rush...

Jo said...

Are you serious?!?!?!?!? Post right NOW!!!!!

Jo said...

But you see what I mean about everything happening at once. :-)

bloggy mcbloggerson said...

thanks for illustrating our point so beautifully...