Sunday, July 27, 2008

BFW Squared

Big Fun Weekend in Balmy Fort Worth

And a good time was had by all.
(Shoutout to our in absentia members.
We missed you, but we'll see you on Facebook.)
*Homemade pizza and breadsticks. Always a hit with this crowd.
*Chloe wowed "The Aunties" with her sunny disposition, superhuman leg strength and drooling capacity.
*Sophie filled in as entertainer, reading, singing, and constantly asking Kel to take off her glasses (apparently Soph doesn't think they suit).
*Getting significantly lost on the way to Dallas Love Field, driving on the tollway with no cash and writing four, yes four, separate checks to the North Texas Tollway Authority. Oh yeah, and
forgetting to sign one--I'm totally going to jail for that.
*Milkshakes at 1am.
*Certain people hijacking certain other people's computers and signing them up for social networking sites (Facebook, anyone?).
*Lazing about for an entire day, catching up and gazing adoringly at the children.
*Not getting significantly lost the second time around to Dallas Love Field.
*The food court at Hulen Mall.
In summary:
Six tolls and gas for five trips to the airport: $92
Middle-of-the-night Milkshakes: $10.50
Making new memories with old friends: Priceless


Jo said...

Well done.

Jo said...

Oh, I'd like to add a highlight. Sophie getting your keys and hitting the panic button for the Expedition at 7 a.m.

Sars said...

And Sophie conning Kel into letting her brush her teeth with Jo's toothbrush. Tee hee.

Apartment BORING B said...

nothing has happened over the past month? seriously?!