Monday, July 14, 2008

Kelly's Blog Dump 7/14/08

Okay, so I finally caved in and got a facebook. I swear I spent 8 hours on it today. Sad. Sick. Fun. But it has brought up a dilemma for me- what to do about students- current and former? I've had a couple of friend requests and am not sure what to do.

Along the lines of technology, I also finally played my first games of wii. I am an excellent virtual bowler, which just shows you how inaccurate the game really is. I worked up quite a sweat boxing my sister. My mom couldn't figure out how to time the shots in tennis so she just would frantically wave her controller back and forth in a frenzy hoping to hit the ball. Surprisingly, she often would.

Bravo is giving me a great birthday gift this year.

Also here is the promised haircut shot. I don't know why it's so fuzzy.

Here are just a few Nashville shots.

Besides sight seeing I had a really great time with all my relatives. Last time we got together I posted a picture of my then 1 year old second cousin Jack smoking a cigarette. Well, he has developed a new vice now that he's in his "terrible twos"


WineLush said...

Hi, this is Christina, Jo's friend from St. Lou. My husband is a teacher (well, he will be in the fall) and he's chatted with quite a few teachers about the issue of adding students as friends on either myspace or facebook. Their general rule is no current students. If, after the class is over, after grades are posted and teachers are usually out of sight out of mind, the students care to keep in touch, then ok. I think a few also mentioned if the student's page is horribly inappropriate, that they don't accept the invite or de-friend them and explain why. Which, I think has only happened once because typically if you don't really like your teacher you won't try to be "cyber friends" with them.

And cute haircut.

Megan said...

Great haircut! It's my favorite yet of yours. But one question - how do you get it SO straight??? Even mine doesn't get that straight with a hot iron. I've been meaning to ask you that since the luau!

My stepsister created her facebook initially to keep in touch with her students - she worked in an inner city school in Houston (so it would be different kinds of kids she had as students). I'm not sure if she regrets it or not though.

Jenni said...

Hi! This is Jo's sister-in-law Jenni and I'm a teacher as well. I do not accept current students as friends just to be on the safe side. I tell my students that I need that personal/public line very defined. I am also pretty picky in general about who I'm friends with on Facebook anyway, so I'm choosy about former students too. Hope the advice helps!