Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Power of Butter

Okay, say it with me - mmmm butter. The voice in my head oddly sounds alternately like Homer Simpson and then Yoda.

I have recently discovered the power of butter. Now I can hear in my head Paula "Add a Stick of Butter" Deen saying, "I told you so" but I think I've come to this realization rather late in life. I didn't like butter growing up (I know!) and now rarely cook with it (it's like my no potato chip rule- I have lots of control over very small things). Last night I made polenta- it's just cornmeal and it's kind of mushy and could even closely resemble vomit, but once I added the butter, voila- delicious creaminess. What a trick, take something unexciting, add butter, hey, anyone can cook!

But as I discovered, butter's powers are not limited to the kitchen. Oh no. I found various forms of butter in my lotions, body wash and hair products- all wonderful things. I am now soft and shiny.

This got me to thinking, what else can butter do? On GMA this morning they showed this new line of perfume with very eclectic odors. Their new line includes dirt, and play-do. So why can't they make butter flavored perfume? Could this ambrosia be the thing that attracts men? Flies too, possibly, but one would be willing to put up with that nuisance for the possible reward.

Perhaps butter could some how solve global warming. Economic debt? Could it find the weapons of mass destruction? I think there is definitely an untapped power here. Anything that can make food taste good, my hair shiny, and my skin clean and soft must be a miracle cure for something.


Sars said...

As I already said, Kel, you're preaching to the choir here. I am the one who "used to" stick my fingers in the butter and eat it plain. Glad I don't have that disgusting habit anymore!!

Mrs.Robinson said...

Oh gosh. I love butter. The husband greatly prefers if I cook with no transfat, low cal, fake butter product...so I do...most of the time. Sometimes I just gotta throw caution (and calories) to the wind and go for the real thing. You can't beat butter on bread or noodles especially.

Darn you Kelly. Now I am sitting at work craving toast.

Jo said...

We're out now. Butter-lovers of the world, unite!!! Butter makes it better. That's all I'm sayin'.

Learner said...

I've been sitting here for a few moments trying to come up with something as poignant as you commented on my blog, but alas I am at a loss for words. But Yoda-Simpson is now visiting my head... Thanks