Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Truth

The truth is... sponsors pay for someone to finish their races last. They don't want anyone embarrassed by being the very last finisher. I think this could be a lucrative career. All I have to do is be slow and look tired. I could tour around the nation. Yes, I am THE BIGGEST LOSER.

And it is also the truth that Sandi Patti's last name is now spelled Patty. Good call, Jo.
According to Wikipedia there was a printing error on one of her records and her name was spelled incorrectly so Patti became her stage name (very original). Now she's back to the good old y. I can't blame her. If my name were Kelli, I'd change it too.

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Katie said...

Kello, thanks for the info about the marathon. I kept reading through the blogs hoping to hear and you came to my rescue!