Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Worst Blogger Ever

Note that I did not say the worst blog ever, but I am simply commenting on the fact that I am the worst blogger ever. I apologize for my absence. I have enjoyed getting to catch up a little today.

Eric and I moved into our new two family home with our friend Jason about a month ago and we are still getting settled in. They announced at our church today that we are doing a church plant. We are starting a Bible study in our home on September 11.

I put in my notice a couple of weeks ago at my job and my last day is in less than two weeks. I have been very stressed and could not take it any more. And no, I don't have a job I'm going to, i'm still looking. I applied to work at a daycare at a hospital for the employees. It's for infants and toddlers. I'm also looking at working a college. We'll see.

I am sorry if I am saying something that has been said before, as I haven't caugt up on all the blogs, but let me just say that i have enjoyed reading Donald Miller: he wrote Blue Like Jazz and some other great books. I think y'all might like him. I also read a book called the Know-It-All,which was great. It's this guy who takes it on as a mission to read through the Encyclopedia Brittanica, and it gives his thoughts on the entries along with what is happening in his life as he is reading it. Very entertaining and informative!

Hope everyone is doing well.


Jo said...

Katie, I'm in chapter 2 of Blue Like Jazz (I'll pass it around when I'm finished, Kel & Sars & anyone else that's interested). Also, I'm glad to have the recommendation for Know-It-All. I keep seeing it in the store and I wasn't sure if it was worth picking up.

Glad to have you back on the blog, Katja.

kel said...

Katie-ditto to Jo's last comment. I read Julie and Julia recently about a woman who makes every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook in a year. Know it All sounds like it might be along the same lines. My next book is Around the World in 80 Dates (or something like that) the true story of a travel journalist who decides Mr. Right might not be Mr. Right Here (it's from the cover of the book, hence the cheesiness).

Hope the work search/church planting goes well. Keep us up to date!