Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My First Day of School

So this was me on my first ever day of school. Note what were the important things to bring: glue, pencils, and a Tom and Jerry book.

Tomorrow is my first day of school since '99 (not counting the few easy classes I took after graduation just for fun). I will be taking a class at a big public university for the first time. Yesterday I went to sign up and it was crazy (do have to admit though- they know how to run the bookstore- remember those hour long waits in the bookstore the days before school starts- this school has roughly 20 thousand plus undergrads and I was in line for three minutes). I didn't know where anything was and very really old and dumb. I was wearing the wrong clothes (I had come straight from work) and everyone was listening to an IPod (do I have to remind you of the tape deck in my car?). I stuck out like a sore thumb. Especially when the sorority girls walked by. I am not sure what part of the rushing ritual I witnessed, not really knowing much about the Greek system myself, but there were about six different groups of girls all dressed up in fancy dresses walking around campus.

So, I'm nervous. Hopefully I will do everything right. I hope I find the right classroom. I hope my teacher likes me. I hope I find someone to eat lunch with. Okay so not the last part.


Sars said...

Do you want a cheese sandwich or PB&J in your lunch, sweeite? Maybe if I put an extra twinkie in there you can share it with a new friend. (Life Lesson #1: Bribing people with food will make them want to be your friend.)

By the way, you are toooooooo cute in that picture. If we had met in kindergarten, I'm sure we would have been best buds! (Life Lesson #2: Being cute will make people want to be your friend.)

Have a good first day.

Mrs.Robinson said...

I'll sit by you at lunch...my office is just down the road.

Don't mind the sorority girls. They are a plague the first few weeks on campus but then they disappear a bit. By the way, I am currently reading an excellent expose on the Greek Life system, you can borrow it if you want to try to understand these mysterious
creatures a bit better.

I start a class on Monday night. Maybe we can have a homework party sometime.