Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ebayers Beware

So the unthinkable has happened. I am probably the most vigilant person I know as far as watching out for email scams and spoof emails. I get several spoofs that look like official eBay or Paypal correspondence every single week and each time I report them and delete. I never follow links or hand over any personal information. Well, I finally got duped. I got an email earlier this week that looked official, I followed a link and entered my ebay id and password. I didn't even realize right away what had happened. It wasn't until I received an email about the computer that I was supposedly selling that I figured out that my account had been hijacked. I spent quite a bit of time last night and this morning changing passwords and security questions, contacting the winning bidder of the false auction, and getting the auction removed from my account. Good times.

I have recently discovered a new way to waste time: YouTube. I have to admit, it was lonelygirl15 that first got me hooked. Since then I've expanded my viewing to include favorite commercials (the Levi's "Walk The Line" series), hula and Tahitian dance, favorite figure skating performances (Torville & Dean's "Bolero," Oksana Baiul's "The Swan", and Michelle Kwan's "Fields of Gold," among others), bad CCM videos (Carman's "Satan, Bite The Dust"), and my fellow bloggers' babies' first birthday parties. There are also several Wheaton College videos and you all should definitely check out how upperclassmen welcome freshmen there now. Here's a link to the shortest one. We would have been so good at this, and how much more fun would this have been than having the upperclassmen just clap for us for 10 minutes after singing cheesy Wayne Watson and Sandi Patty songs. I'm thinking that a certain pair of silver lamé pants would have made quite an impression.

Caffeinated Sugar Monkey has a fun contest running on her blog right now and the winner gets a really cool prize. Run right over and submit your entries. Also, it is good to see the L.* & T.** of m.j.p. back in action, even though it took an appendectomy to make it happen.

By the way, in a previous post, I instigated a debate about chest hair. For the record, I am in favor of it.


Sars said...

If memory serves, Jo, they were gold lame.

Jo said...

Oh, you know, I might have gotten confused because I had that silver dress that I wore to the ROTC banquet and maybe even Party at the Penthouse.

kel said...

They were gold. Think Charlie crawling across the floor in the cat routine. Solid gold.

This week's My Name is Earl involved a very funny scene with hairy nipples. How do you feel about those?