Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Random and Miscellaneous Thoughts

I have had some posting problems over the last couple of weeks so some of this stuff is way overdue. I know I still owe a marathon post. I promise, I'll do it soon, as long as Blogger stops acting up. (Really, Amie and Rachel, I promise.)

Concert: Had a great time at O.A.R. with Jon, Jeff, and Amie a couple of weeks ago in Columbia. Also looking forward to Ray LaMontagne in December, box seats for the retiring of Brett Hull’s sweater at the Blues vs. Red Wings game on December 5, Texas in December, cruise in April (only 138 days).

Confession: I started listening to some Christmas music over the weekend. I don’t know why, there is no good explanation, but it happened. There. It feels good to get that off my chest.

Contest: One of our own won Miss Monkey’s Tom Swiftie contest. Make sure to read the wonderful ode to Kelly that Miss Monkey wrote in honor of her win.

Congratulations: to my friends Christina and Terry. They got engaged a couple of weeks ago.

St. Louis: We are one of the
angriest and drunkest cities in the nation with some of the worst drivers and the cheapest gas. And now we are the most dangerous. Take that, Detroit! You’re #2 in baseball and you’re #2 in danger. (Go Cards.)

Quote: Can anyone tell me where this is from? I can’t remember and googling hasn’t helped. “Bacon. It’s the candy bar of meats.” Update: My brother tells me this is from a Jack In The Box commercial. Click here to watch it on YouTube. Because you just can’t have enough pig. Thanks for solving the mystery, Robbie.

New trend: I’m going to start it. I propose that if we can make Google into a verb (as in, “I spent all afternoon googling myself”) then we can do the same thing with iTunes. For instance, “I heard a new song that I really liked in the overhead at work so I went home and iTunesed it.” What do you think?

Yovo Yovo: She’s off to Africa again. Check this out for more details and for information about how you can stay in touch with her while she’s gone.

Thanksgiving plans: Megan, to answer your question, I’ll be spending part of the day with my family, part of the day with Jon’s. No details yet except that I will be eating a lot of turkey. I get to close at work on Black Friday and the Saturday after.

Thai Kitchen: Finally, a good Thai restaurant has opened in St. Peters. Please, everybody, support this place so it will not close. The food is delicious and reasonable, the restaurant itself is clean and cozy, and the people are super friendly. I recommend the spicy noodles (similar to pad kee mao), pad thai, and panang curry. Everything I’ve tasted so far has been wonderful. The phone number is 636-447-1883 and they are located right off of I-70 at the Cave Springs exit, next door to Petco. They deliver Monday through Friday. Please, please, please eat here often.

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kel said...

Random comments:
Yay to the cruise! I can't wait to eat myself into oblivion and see one of the 7 new wonders of the world.

I too have been listening to Christmas music. There's no shame. And I'll bet you didn't listen to it in your car with the air conditioning on because it was 83 degrees.

My father is obsessed with Jack in the Box commercials. He has been known to tape them to show to people.

Your YouTube obsession is almost scary. Is there anything you can't find on there? What's the deal with the old guy who has the most hits? What does he talk about? (If you couldn't tell, I'm a YouTube virgin).

I love the idea of iTunes- the verb. Just start saying it. You're a trendsetter, the rest of us will just follow you because if you're doing it, it must be cool.

I miss The Noodle.