Sunday, May 27, 2007

The deed is done

After seeing each other for the first time...
Me & Nick walking down the v-e-r-y l-o-n-g aisle...
From left to right: me, Jamie (Jenni's cousin), Lexi (Jenni's friend), Robyn (Jenni's sister and maid of honor), Rachel (Jenni's friend and matron of honor), Jenni, Robbie, Darrell (our youth pastor), Nate (Robbie's friend and best man), Shawn (Robbie's friend), Adam (Robbie's friend), Lars (Robbie's friend and tattoo artist), Nick (Robbie's friend) "I now pronounce you husband and wife..."
Mr. and Mrs.
Soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs.
Me and my mom - didn't she look beautiful?
My dad, his friend Paul, and Paul's hat
My cousin Hannah. Everybody else went to the Cardinals game today but I volunteered to babysit. I got the better end of the deal, I think. She is such a good baby. We didn't have a high chair or bib, so this is how we improvised for lunch. She liked the jelly side of the pb&j sandwich better than the peanut butter side.


kel said...

Congrats! They looked so happy. You look great, by the way. Those dresses are a really nice color.

Sars said...

I have many, many comments:
1- Loved Jenni's expression at "husband and wife"-- so cute.
2- I wanted a picture of Jon's shoes since he'll never wear them again.
3- Patty Jo looks gorgeous and happy and you look slamming!! Nice dress.
4- That is a really cute baby!