Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Picture Timeline And A New Place

So many things to catch up, so little time. Where do I start? Here's a quick timeline of the last few weeks.

June 7-13 - Hawaii. We got married.

June 17 - Father's Day. My sister-in-law's father died.

June 18 - Dinner with Matt & Vicki. A night in the emergency room. And these two events are actually totally unrelated to each other.

June 21-23 - In Chicago for Chrissy's wedding. Driving through the night is not fun.

June 29 - Jon got bit by a brown recluse spider. Another couple of hours at urgent care. We found the culprit dead in our bed. The circle on Jon's leg indicates how big the bite was when he first noticed it, probably a couple of hours after being bitten. This picture was taken Friday night. The bite continued to get bigger through the first part of the week until it covered most of the inside of Jon's thigh and knee.

June 30 - The Big Move. The pictures below are, sadly, before and after shots of the same room.

July 2 - We bought furniture. This means that in a few days we will have somewhere to sit other than our bed or the floor.
A New Town

Jon and I moved into our first apartment on Saturday. We're living in a very strange place, a kind of city within a city. It's a planned community based on the concept of Seaside, FL, which you'll recognize as the filming location for the movie The Truman Show. I feel like I live on a college campus. I'm sitting outside the supermarket picking up on the wi-fi signal from the cafe across the street and a group of people just rode by on Segways. (By the way, the market closes at 8. As my preferred time to grocery shop is after 10 p.m., I expect to have an empty refrigerator from now on.) Everyone says hi and waves. You have to walk to a post office (much like CPO) to get your mail. I think the intent was to encourage residents to walk there but almost everyone stops by in their cars on their way to or from somewhere else. It's a neat little area even if it is a bit Stepfordish, and to someone accustomed to urban living, I appreciate being able to walk down the street to get a sandwich or a cup of coffee or to wander through a neighborhood festival. I just have to remember to do it before 8.

By the way, we've decided on a place for the luau. It will be right here in New Town, just a block from our apartment and across the street from where we had our first date just 50 short weeks ago.


Sars said...

Love the couch. Can't wait 'til the luau.

kel said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Jon's run in with the spider! Especially after all that discussion of the spiders at Jon's aunts' house. I thought that moving away from the old condo would eliminate that problem. Glad he's okay.

Your "community" sounds great. I think I'd love it. Looking forward to seeing it.